A strong relationship with parents and carers is key to the learning and development of each child. We acknowledge parents and carers as a child’s most enduring influence and we encourage you to work closely with us. We provide opportunities for you to be actively involved in nursery life and we always want to hear about your child’s interests, relationships and experiences.

The nursery has close links with other settings, schools, the community and professionals working with children and families. We support local charities and events and children have opportunities to learn about their community through regular visits and outings. Nursery policies are readily available and we welcome feedback and suggestions from parents

All About Me Sheet

When your child starts nursery you will be asked to reflect on what your child likes to do at home. You will receive an ‘All about Me’ sheet to bring with you for the first session. This gives you the opportunity to tell us more about your child’s interests and abilities and for the Keyworker to record their starting points at nursery.


Each child at nursery will have a Keyworker who is sensitive and responsive to the needs of your child. The Keyworker will help your child become familiar with the setting; communicate with you on a daily basis about their day at nursery.  The keyworker will observe your child’s learning and progression throughout their time in nursery and will track their development in your child’s Special Book.

Moving On Leaflet

We have developed these leaflets to support your child’s transition between rooms in the nursery, ie when they move from baby to toddler room and then to pre-school room. These leaflets explain routines within the room, the staff team and transition arrangements.

Daily Feedback

For the youngest children you will receive daily written feedback in the form of diaries to record their activities and interests as well as details of their eating, sleeping and toileting. Verbal feedback from your child’s Keyworker is available on a daily basis for all children.

Special Book

When your child joins us, we will begin a learning journal – a book recording their interests and achievements. This also acts as a record to track their development within the Early years Foundation Stage. The keyworker will observe your child on a day to day basis while they are playing and exploring and track their development. The journal will include observations, photographs, and examples of children’s work. Contributions from home are always welcome. Your child’s Special Book is always available for you to see and will follow them to school when they begin Reception year.

Home Learning Library

We have established a home learning library of ‘Going Home Bags’ for 2-3 year olds and 3-4 year olds at nursery. These contain a board book or picture book and associated prop/toy for you to enjoy with your child. Please see reception for more information.

2 year old progress review

All children go through reviews to identify and support their development needs. This happens at nursery when your child is aged 35 months, and is a report to you on their development, particularly in terms of the three prime learning and development areas of the EYFS: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language. The report can be shared with your child’s Health Visitor.
Further information is available here.

Parents’/Carers’ Evening

These evenings are held yearly for you to meet with your child’s keyworker and discuss in more detail your child’s development. You will also be able to go through their Special Book and recent progress reports. You are also welcome to arrange individual appointments anytime throughout the year.