Pre-school room

The pre-school room offers many wonderful and rich opportunities for your child’s learning and development. This is also a light and airy room with a multitude of stimulating resources. Activities include practical life skills, sensorial activities, cultural activities, early literacy and maths work. Children enjoy malleable materials, books, music, ICT, art, craft, construction, and small world play. A Montessori children’s house is a place where we

  • Make children the centre of learning because, as Montessori said, “The teacher’s task is to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for the child”
  • Encourage children to learn by providing freedom for them in the prepared environment.
  • Observe children so as to prepare the best possible environment, recognising sensitive periods and diverting inappropriate behaviour to meaningful tasks.
  • Prepare the learning environment by ensuring that learning materials are provided in an orderly format and the materials provide for appropriate experiences for all the children.
  • Respect each child and model ongoing respect for all children and their work.
  • Introduce learning materials, demonstrate learning materials, and support children’s learning. The teacher introduces learning materials after observing each child.

Your child will increasingly be introduced to Montessori learning materials. They will be encouraged to be creative, explore, experiment and these activities are planned through observing their individual interests and needs. Your child will learn the important social skills of sharing and cooperating, whilst building self-esteem, independence and problem solving skills. Further information on the links between Montessori education and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) can be found here.

Pre-school children go outdoors every day and activities take place in all weathers. The outdoor areas in each of our nurseries have been specially designed and imaginatively resourced with a multisensory garden, decked area, covered space, large sand pit with space to run, climb, build, read, act, imagine and just enjoy.

Our teachers create a safe, caring, orderly and beautiful classroom, which presents a wide range of inviting and interesting activities for each child. The pre school room staff team have qualifications and many years’ experience in Montessori education ensuring an exciting and stimulating time at nursery whilst supporting your child’s transition to the next phase of their learning in school.