Outdoor Learning

Children go outdoors every day and activities take place in all weathers. The garden has been specially designed and imaginatively resourced with a range of surfaces and equipment to enable learning across the curriculum.

We make good use of the natural resources found in the nursery garden and nearby environments; making dens and mud kitchens; sheltered places for children to listen to stories and share their own tales and observe wildlife. A planting area of herbs and wild flowers attracts insects and the children are encouraged to investigate & explore and respect all living things. The nursery team support the child’s learning-responding to their sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. In addition, resources for construction, sand play, water play, small world, role play and being creative are on offer.

Outdoor activities:

  • provide the flexibility and freedom for child-initiated, experimental learning which increases motivation and concentration.
  • encourage the development of physical skills; co-ordination; manipulation and strength while developing an understanding of risk and building self-confidence.
  • increase health and well-being
  • develop strong social skills & improve communication and co-operation with the ability to work in groups
  • develop a sense of trust and achievement, self-esteem and confidence
  • encourage problem solving and creative skills

We also take advantage of facilities in the local community such as the play area, park and local shops to enhance outdoor learning.

The outdoor area is used exceptionally well to extend the children’s learning and to provide them with many opportunities to find out about their environment and seasonal change.Children benefit from both fresh air and exercise each day because they are able to access the outdoor area or take part in movement activities when inside. The covered section of the outdoor area is used in inclement weather to ensure that children enjoy the fresh air; in addition the area is used by staff to enable sleeping babies to benefit from fresh air as they rest. The area is set out to ensure that all areas of children’s development and learning are addressed. This includes space for imaginative and creative play, as well as opportunities for them to use their gross motorskills. The children have very well developed physical skills; they enthusiastically use the outdoor area to practise and refine skills, for example, when they balance along the blocks, find ways of moving the parachute and as they chase around the space. (OfSTED 2015)